Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discuss your experience with putting together a resume. What advice have you gotten? What do you think works best in general and for you specifically? How would you approach writing your resume today?

I don't have much experience in building a resume but I do know  you must include your contact information, your experience, and all the education you have. The advice I received from others was to make sure its longer than a page long. Never include material that is not needed. Because a resume is a reflection of a person, there is no one perfect way to approach writing a resume. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow, which apply to all resumes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's your reaction to the story that's described and how would you react if you were faced with a similar situation?

I believe that with today’s high amount of competitiveness in many industry markets lying to sell a product has really become necessary in order to make money. You never know what is and is not the truth these days. Lying has become so much of a norm that it has sparked mistrust in a great deal of consumers. Because of this being honest doesn’t get you far as a product pusher. The consumer has already predetermined mentally that everything you are saying is a lie, and you will say whatever is necessary to make a sale. With changing times, selling methods must also change. Lying may not be ethical, but it has proven to be very effective. If I was in his situation, I probably wouldn’t have spoken up in the way he did. I would have become the very type of salesman he was speaking against. Everyone needs to put bread on the table, and making money is a top priority. 

Write a brief summary of your analysis, along with any recommendations you might have for conveying the message more persuasively.

Personally I believe that this document conveys the correct message to younger internet users, but does so in a way that is not appealing to many adolescents. Reading this, I get the feeling of a parent talking to their child, and it receives the “in one ear, out the other” reaction from many children. Having other children give testimonial, first-hand accounts of their experience with poor internet safety will reach the audience on a deeper level. It will show as opposed to telling the audience what can happen if the proper steps are taken to ensure your safety. I also think that for the parents of children under 17 years of age, a separate pamphlet should be created in order to instruct parents on proper internet safety precautions

Write a blog for the Hangers' Web site that explains why Hangers' different

Here at Hangers’ we are committed to taking care of your garments, while simultaneously taking care of our environment. Our method of wet, “dry” cleaning is a revolutionary industry leading process that uses specialized cleaning solutions combined with CO2, (carbon dioxide) to remove any unwanted stains in your clothing, with half the harmful effects. Our detergents have been shown to be less harmful to many fabrics than numerous household detergents. Yet the results show otherwise. Other dry cleaners may get your clothing just as clean, but why not clean your garments and the air you breathe all in one trip? Come to Hangers’, you’ll be glad you did.